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NurtureWellness offers virtual wellness classes to small and medium-sized companies looking to improve employees' wellbeing while lowering healthcare costs and improving corporate culture. Our virtual fitness, wellness, and health management program boost employee productivity, encourage meditation and stress management techniques and decrease overall business costs.


Virtual platform with a personal touch.


Serves companies who are experiencing post-COVID employee’ stress.


Wellness programs can yield a return on investments of around 3:1.


Reducing the cost of healthcare.


The implementation of corporate wellness programs helps in tracking various diseases.


The focus of corporate wellness programs can reduce the disease burden and the overall cost of healthcare premiums paid by the employer to any insurance provider.

About Us

Nurture wellness holistic program will increase employee productivity, save on insurance premiums, Keep employees loyal to companies because of wellness benefits, build better company culture, and optimize HR Investments.

Personal Desk




Purchase a plan

Choose the plan that is the right fit for your company goals.


Send us your employee information

Send us the names and emails of your employees so we can enter them into our system. They will get an invitation to become a site member. 


Check-in on progress

Send us a note when you want to see the attendance of your employees so you can see the good that this is doing. 



Become a Site Member

You will get an email inviting you to join the site and create an account. 


Browse our Classes

Check out the different classes we offer and book right on the website. 



There will be many opportunities to integrate our classes into your daily routine. 

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